2019 For The Cause of Education ~ ELT Session On Request at Dar-e-Arqam School Branch Bani Gala Islamabad

Conducting and Monitoring  an ELT Pronunciation/Phonology  Session at  Bani Gala Branch of  Dar-e- Arqam  School  for Inservice Teachers.

Mrs Shahnaz Principal of the Branch was present throughout the session and also guided the Teachers






All 7 for Spoken English Language

CER Professional Dev 0012

Demand for learning the Spoken form of English Language is greater …er I mean the trend seems to be that  ‘Knowing English language means having the skill to speak English ‘ nothing more .One of my neighbors teenage daughter said one day ‘Aunty your spoke must be good’

My spoke ? and then quickly I caught the sense of what she meant. ‘Speaking English means a ‘standard status’ ‘Just speak English .It does not matter whether it is correct or not,not everyone knows about that’

But this is a serious matter.How and what are the teachers doing about Teaching English? I wonder but …it is quite apparent that the situation is progressively deteriorating day by day.

I got a message from my younger daughter whose three kids study at primary level.The message -a line from the Examination Prep sheet for Class 2- ”Q A from lesson 2 will be listen’

any guesses?

Recovering from my year long indisposition I announced in June in my neighborhood that I will teach English language Spoken form to Girls and ladies who wish to improve…I visited a couple of schools myself for talking to the teachers and telling them about my plans.I sent letters to 14 local schools on the road where I live. The response’ I got 7 students but in ones and twos ‘

All 7 wanted to learn the Spoken form of English language.Well,OK

The first two had certain conditions

‘teach us to speak to the Principal’

Hmmnnn ‘

Just give us sentences that we may learn by heart and use them the next day in school’ They were teachers. I felt I could not teach them English nor improve their Grammar and felt really sorry for them.

I gave them a Formula

Please follow this and you will be good speakers I assure you…

The Formula

  • Select an object -any object- (a toy a book a spoon a key chain, an apple)
  • Name it-
  • Classify its category (like fruit-furniture-books-vegetables)
  • Name similar items (at least two)
  • Tell the Color ( red blue green orange)
  • Define the Shape ( round long circular)
  • Check the weight ( heavy light feathery)
  • Identify material- (made of plastic wood metal)
  • Estimate the cost
  • State availability (it is easily found in the local market)
  • Durability (it is long lasting..)
  • Personal Opinion (Do you like it? Who gave it to you?)

And in this way you will be able to speak more than ten sentences.Practice with different items and begin with these Chains/chunks of language

  •  It is a …..
  • It is an….
  • It has…..
  • It weighs about
  • Its cost is about…..
  • It is made of
  • I like it…
  • It was a gift from…..

This formula has been a great success not only for young beginners but also for ‘adults who want to improve their spoken form of language quickly and without reading any heavy books.

The first lesson is here….lets begin to learn…..and keep learning

Practice makes perfect.





~ First it is ‘Getting to Know It’ then separating the Creative from the Directed ~



Work on the ‘English Channel’ I mean the English Challenge has begun’…The first step’ has been taken.


‘A Language needs to be defined first. How can you learn something when you do not know what it is? ‘So very simple ‘

Elementary My Dear Watson’

Language is a system.It has parts.It has rules and laws but it is not the Supreme Court.In fact the Supreme Court uses it too.

It has sounds and lastly it has meaning.

The technical formula would be: System: sounds+meaning -linked by Grammar= Phonetics+ Semantics > Grammar

Now we are getting somewhere.

Language Travels,Changes and Develops.It adds new words and meanings to its treasure box from time to time

English came to our land with the English Travelers just like Persian or Farsi came with the Travelers from Iran.

Time to Use a Map

See this is England and aaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllll the way here is Pakistan….see how far the language traveled.Now it is all over the world except for the 5 countries that have English as their First Language.They are Canada ? USA England New Zealand and Australia

Parts of a Language

From point A to Z  -26 letters. 44 sounds

It is getting technical but very interesting.

All languages have typical sounds and can be identified.Check the video clip of the ‘Efficient Translator’ Oh Dear with due apologies.

Ma’am did you learn your native Kashmiri language?

Good question-unfortunately NO’ and it is so sad to find now about the Kashmiri Phonetic system.Those who did not understand it,made fun of it…alas’

Ma’am I want to learn Creative writing’

Dear I asked you to copy the words written in color,with a variety of styles,and shapes-you wrote them down in a list form-that’s the difference-when there is no color or style or variety or a setting then it is ‘simple ‘do as directed’ but you did not COPY’ Why?

My student just smiled for it was as clear as day to her when I pointed it out. The Other key point: One always needs a Teacher’

I hope I am moving on the right lines….

Let The English Challenge Begin~ But Where Do I Begin…?~


majority of the world’s English users are now to be found in countries where  it  is a  Foreign Language

Barbara Seidlhofer writes in  Chapter 10 -in her Essay entitled ‘Research Perspectives in Teaching Lingua Franca’ and so Pakistan is one of them and I am one of the fast diminishing species ‘The   SNNM ‘

‘SNNM? what is it please tell me I am feeling ‘ high  anxiety’  ‘jaldi batao’

‘see you are always in such a ‘jaldi’ ‘samjh aa jaye gee aap ko?

‘yes yes ‘ aa jaye gee, ab bata bhi do na yaar’

Oh Dear this ‘yaar thingy’ ooopsss ‘I used it too. Just two days ago one of our wiggy ministers  was using this word  and I was feeling so grateful’

‘Grateful ? why’

‘Because I did not waste my  vote for him’

‘waste or cast’


‘well, I will tell you that I am one of Strange  Near Native Misfit Teaching Professionals

‘and so I had this challenge before me.To begin Teaching English to a beginner in the Teaching profession -a Master Degree holder,but the good thing about her is that she is determined to learn’

‘Oh Iqbal Sahib abhi bhi log hain jo ‘Khudi ko buland karna chahte hain ‘

and so I could not sleep , and kept thinking.I knew when we do not learn or do a task at the right time we have to go back two steps and begin all over again.

She said she could not write on a given topic

she said she did not know ‘tenses’ and became tense …

she said she had no interest in reading and opened a book to rote learn three days before the final paper and that she was Good at rote learning and so got through’

she said she did not know Grammar’

Oh Come on this is to say’she does not know English at all’

Yes something like that ‘

so what do you intend to do and how and what book…..

Ah what beautiful questions you ask?

‘I am going, rather drifting way back into the 14th Century.I am on a Viking’s ship sailing from the Northern Peninsular of Scandinavia and I have no ‘ house bound’ as yet…

house bound’

yes do you know that the word ‘husband ‘ was once two words’house and bound’ and this is how language changes’

Language’ yes I will have to first tell the ‘The Story of Language’

Oh Muse Take me to the Anglo Saxon world’ but please not for long….

First take a look’ I gave her a task’-it was to copy a group of twenty words’ written all over a page,in a variety of styles and colors’

You know what she did?


She wrote them down in a long list -in a column….straight -like the top to bottom approach…just the opposite of what was before her…copy she did but……..’

it is our single one sided mind set….

and I knew the ‘way to think-  matters ‘ to learning-no wonder she felt so poor in language ‘O People of Pakistan  you have been so poorly treated…but I will help…she is the 7th student coming in since June …..I hope more will come….soon….and so I have begun the Herculean Task….O Muse” Descend …’

‘For What offense was I made a Teacher of English?’


O Muse! the causes and the crimes relate;

What goddess was provok’d, and whence her hate;

For what offense …..

‘It is a real challenge’ requiring more than Superman’s strength power and skill’

‘What is it ? O it sounds so exciting’ not dangerous though’ let me see ‘OBL is dead now confirmed’ er…so its not him…it can’t be the Abominable Snowman…hmn now let me think…Is it related to the ancient Greeks or …er..the Barbarians..no the Mongols?

No No Dear it is the ‘thing all over the world and everyone is trying to conquer’

OMG ‘ I will sms and find out’

No need for that you are already on the track and will soon be off the track if you will follow this lead….beware I am warning you, but no…wait

‘O cursed spite’ why ever was I born to set it right’

I loved something really worthwhile without any problems attached …and now people think that I am possessed by it and that I can give them a bit of the sacred treasure…it is not so easy…oh dear…and yet again…I have another eager one coming in.Seeking me for the past two months.I am really a Wanted Person’ ha ha!

Now tell me I cannot wait anymore’

You want to know sure?

‘OK well, it is ‘ENGLISH’

and I have to teach it to …

she says she cannot write a single sentence…

Can she write her name?

she has a Masters degree…..what do you think?

how are you going to do it?

well that is the challenge ‘O Muse of Literature Linguistics creative Arts’ Awake Arise Descend’

I have a great task before me’

and now I will record it all….ELT Bloggers here I come…..


‘I don’t know how to write an application?’ she said


‘well, what have you been doing in the English period in school’ and you say you have a Masters Degree?


‘well what?

Well, you have to learn work hard and be serious in your attitude’

how much time you have wasted

All writing is learnt best by the Method of Modelling